MISSIO – Rad Drugz (Official Video)


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“Rad Drugz” Lyrics:

Another morning freezing
And I can’t find my keys
And where did I get this necklace
And whose this fucking girl in my bed?
Guess I’m not changing
If I can’t re-arrange all the shit that fills my head up
It’s time to take some more medicine.

Your mama does drugs
Can’t get enough
Your daddy does drugs
Can’t get enough
Everybody does drugs
Can’t get enough
Everybody does drugs
Can’t get enough

I can’t get enough
Too high to get up
I keep fucking up my life with rad drugz

Oh please don’t get it twisted
Come on let’s be realistic
‘Cause I am not a role model
I’m just trying to get through my day
I take for granted
The best that I’ve been handed
And not to make excuses
But what would help is my medicine

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